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Introducing Houston's First and Only Freestanding Dedicated

Placenta Preparation Kitchen!

At Houston Placenta Services I know professionalism, hygiene and cleanliness are among our client’s and care providers main concerns when it comes to choosing the right Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.


The Placenta Preparation Kitchen was a true labor of love and a project that was carefully planned and executed. I believe every woman should have access to safe, clean placenta encapsulation services and that every placenta should be handled with loving, meticulously clean, rigorously thorough processing. However, the placenta encapsulation industry is not regulated, so it is imperative that you, as a consumer/healthcare provider ask the placenta specialist about their certifications and process. I offer full transparency and will warmly welcome anyone for a tour of the kitchen as well as a run through of my entire process. It is important to me that each and every client I work for is 100% comfortable and content every step of the way.

When planning and building the kitchen my vision was to build a pristine, stainless steel, easy to clean and sanitize environment dedicated to nothing but placenta processing. My clients will never need to worry about curious family members having a look under the dehydrator trays, no strangers in their home while they are trying to rest and recuperate, no offensive odors permeating through their homes or cross contamination due to improper procedures. They never need to worry about their placenta going to a domestic kitchen in another persons home. They can rest assured that from the second they complete the contract to book my services they will receive nothing but a professional, safe, sanitary and compassionate service. 

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